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A??????????????????????rticle Reviews After reviewing both articles “Train Manag

A??????????????????????rticle Reviews
After reviewing both articles “Train Managers” and “Put Plans in Action” in the sections above, complete the following:
Article Summary (The article summarized in your own words.)
Critical Analysis (What you think about the findings and why)
Reference (Note: Based on Source Provided, Document APA format)
more than two (2) full pages for EACH ARTICLE
APA format: include title page and reference page; these will not count toward above requirement.
All answers must be numbered as indicated by the question (if applicable)
Special Instructions: Both article assignments should be turned in together a??????????????????????s one attachment
** I HIGHLY recommend going to the “Library / Peer-Reviewed Articles / APA Requirements” Folder in this module
Submission Instructions:
Review the instructions listed in the first section above: “Assignment Instructions”
Review both articles in sections above:
Use the APA Template and following the instructions for the template attached in the second section above: “APA Template – MS Word”
Review the requirements listed above
Review any special instructions above
Click on the assignment link above (Article Reviews*)
Submit your assignment as a MS Word document (review Submissions in the syllabus??????????????????????)

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