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Topic: Headlines from news organizations have called into question the value of

Topic: Headlines from news organizations have called into question the value of higher education. If someone were to argue that ‘there is no point in going to college; how would you respond? How would joining St. Francis College help you get the most value from your college
A clear introduction
A thesis statement
At least 3 supporting arguments
Organized paragraphs with a clearly identifiable topic sentence, examples, and supporting evidence
A strong conclusion
Make sure that the essay reflects your best attempt at grammar usage, vocabulary, and critical thinking
Be at least 300 word
So I attempted this essay only scored a 19/29. It requires a 20 or better for me to have a chance at one of the better college
freshman English classes. These are the requirements, if you can help me get there much appreciated. Attached is the essay that I wrote
P. S. I got that scholarship that you help me with. I will attach the copy that I wrote

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