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This week, you will create a visual art analysis based upon two works of art of

This week, you will create a visual art analysis based upon two works of art of any type, or any artifacts, discussed on this vast site: Google Arts + Culture (Links to an external site.). You can explore museums, peer at all kinds of art/ artifacts the world over, and narrow searches by time periods. As the portal changes constantly, take time to scroll down through it all to brainstorm and enjoy. This assignment prepares you for the presentation week 7, which follows the same format. Both are slideshows; both are non-voiceover (easier to record).
Choose two paintings, sculptures, objects, or works of architecture from GA+C. Both works of art may be from the same entry or you may choose works from different places in GA+C. Likewise, both works of art may be of the same type, such as two paintings, or you may choose different artifacts. Simply be sure that the man-made material is tangible, so no music, speech, bones, fossils, or dance!
Tell us the following about each work of art.
What do you see? Tell us about the timeframe, origin, image, colors, materials, and size. Imagine you are explaining it to someone who can’t see it. Provide a word picture. Look at it closely for details that the casual viewer might miss.
How does this particular work of art compare to others in the same section or elsewhere in GA+C? If there are other works by the same artist or from the same culture/era on the site, what is unique about this particular work of art?
Wonder and awe. What makes this work of art amazing? What does it make you think about? What unanswered questions do you have?
Create a non-narrated slide show, consisting of seven slides. A possible organization idea is the title slide, five body slides, and a conclusion. Learn from the captions or descriptions, but no copying verbatim from GA+C or any source.
Don’t do any outside research for this presentation. Any insights from GA+C should be acknowledged in your text. Example: “As was noted in the ‘A Century of Polish Art’ online exhibit, the painting March of Solidarity was created in 1986 and it’s five feet tall…”
Because the slide show will be non-narrated, choose your words carefully. Do not use full sentences, but only keywords or phrases on slides. Aim for 20 words or fewer per slide. Let the visual depictions of the works of art take center stage.

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