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Please review the Case Analysis and follow the rubric to give a grade on each ca

Please review the Case Analysis and follow the rubric to give a grade on each case analysis.
Peer Review Assignments
Each of you that submitted a case analysis should now have three peer reviews assigned to you. Often students tend to be generous on these, which is understandable. I do not want to encourage anyone to be mean, but it is an important skill set to be able to offer constructive criticism in a thoughtful and professional way. Without constructive criticism, none of us can improve. I doubt that any of us are perfect and lacks room for growth through these assignments. Thus, I’m challenging the class as a whole to take time with these peer reviews and offer meaningful suggestions to your peers. Some submissions are stronger than others, so the level of constructive criticism may vary, but there is always room for some improvement. I often receive a significant number of near-perfect peer scores offered on submissions that had pretty clear issues in addressing the prompt, for example. That might suggest students are not fully engaging in these opportunities.
You will give a short feedback reply in a word document based on the guidelines of the rubric provided. Please have the tittle of the document with the review to decrease confusion
Please give great constructive criticism on each assignment, but do not give less than an A. on these grades

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