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In order to write my discussion, you need to read 5 articles (about 3 pages long

In order to write my discussion, you need to read 5 articles (about 3 pages long) and watch a 4 mins video. You can only cite from these articles and the video. No outside resources.
Based on the material, contemplate the following questions based upon what you find most thought-provoking. Respond to the 6 questions, and be sure to demonstrate that you have read and understood the material.
1) How have participation trends changed for males and females since the passage of Title IX in 1972?
2) What has happened to participation rates of both girls and boys in sports like gymnastics or wrestling? Any ideas on that?
3) How does ethnicity or race intersect with gender when it comes to participation rates in sports?
4) What has happened to the number of women in positions of power (coaches, administrators, athletic directors, etc.) since the passing of Title IX. What are your thoughts on this?
5) What was most interesting or thought-provoking from all of the material provided on Title IX this week?
6) How does the information provided overlap with your personal experiences or observations?
The most important thing is to be sure to demonstrate that you have read the material and understand the dynamics involving Title IX and its influence on sport today.

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