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Describe the escalation of the Nazi persecution (legal, propaganda or the final

Describe the escalation of the Nazi persecution (legal, propaganda or the final solution) of the Jews from Hitler’s rise to power until the end of World War 2. Choose one of the following methods of persecution: the Nazi use of legal means to descriminate against Jews, the role of propaganda in garnering the support of the German population against Jews OR
the creations and implementation of the “final solution”
An online library catalog/journal database, and or, use the internet.
Source 1: required video source from Youtube video “The Path to Nazi Genocide”. One required quote no more than five words in length, from the video.
Source 2: One academic source (history journal articles, a book published by a University Press, a website created by a
historical foundation or university) of your choice. DO NOT USE: Textbook or encyclopedia
Paper must include Title page and reference page.
DO NOT include an abstract.
DO NOT use Wikipedia!

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