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Choose one of the following topics: Acids and Bases Chemical and physical proper

Choose one of the following topics:
Acids and Bases
Chemical and physical properties of matter
Kinetic and potential energy
Electricity and magnetism
Newton’s Laws of Motion
Heat energy
Create a brochure, flyer, PowerPoint, Prezi, or other creative endeavor that visually describes/explains the topic and how this topic can be observed or applied in everyday life or your career field.
Assignment checklist: Before you submit your assignment, ask yourself these questions:
Did you include a minimum of one full page (or 10 slides if a PowerPoint is used)?
Did you fully describe the topic?
Did you make sure to include all references that you used?
Did you complete the CARS checklist to evaluate the references?
Use this CARS checklist template to cite any references. If you’re unsure of how to cite references, please review the APA/InfoLit Presentation. Submit the assignment and template to the Unit 2 Homework Dropbox.

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