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700-800 word blog post Topic-> Climate change impacts on natural systems and ec

700-800 word blog post
Topic-> Climate change impacts on natural systems and ecosystem-based adaptations
– 5 paragraphs
-please read pdf document -assigned chapter reading ( use most of citations/paraphrasing from this article)
(author, year, page #)
Any other sources used must be cited
clearly state a thesis, which conveys the main essence of your argument on the chosen topic/theme, and makes the purpose of the blog clear. Your thesis could be your main argument or the key motivation for writing this blog be based on the assigned readings and the relevant literature (avoid Wikipedia or random websites and videos)
have user-friendly organization and layout (i.e., catchy title, coherent narratives, short paragraphs, use of visuals) to encourage the readers to read the full story.
engage the readers to reflect on the chosen topic/theme by raising at least one substantive question
800 words).
use the APA style guide, wherever applicable (in-text citations as well as bibliograph

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