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3?????????????????????? references Apa from 2017-2022 See attached document for

3?????????????????????? references Apa from 2017-2022
See attached document for scenario
Psychosis Case Study Assignment
Use the SOAP Note document to organize your data for the case study assignment.
Follow the requirements posted in the rubric.
Interactive case studies should be three to five pages, excluding title and references pages.
All papers must conform to the most recent APA standards.
Be sure to include the questions listed at the end of the interactive case as listed below:
Compile your information in SOAP Note format for organization.
S: Differentials: List the three most likely differential diagnoses based on the chief complaint, with cited rationale (use DS??????????????????????M5 criteria to rule in/out). What is the etiology/pathophysiology associated with each diagnosis? What is the prevalence of each of these diagnoses?
A: Choose one of your differentials as a primary diagnosis.
P: Develop a plan of care for your chosen diagnoses, including the following:
Diagnostic testing
Pharmacologic interventions, including dosage, route, and frequency
Nonpharmacologic interventions, including modality and frequency
Education, including health promotion, maintenance, and psychosocial needs
Safety plan
Referrals required
Follow-up, including return to clinic (RTC) in what time frame and reason, including any labs needed for next visi??????????????????????t

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