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1. What is magma, and how does it differ from lava? 2. Describe how and why the

1. What is magma, and how does it differ from lava?
2. Describe how and why the rate of cooling is different for magma and lava.
3. Discuss how the rate of cooling influences crystal size.
4. As a logical extension of your answers to the above questions, explain why the mineral crystal size of Granite is distinctly different from Basalt. (Note – this does not relate to the different mineral content of the two rocks)
*COURSE HINT: The benefit of these written assignments is to study and understand these concepts well enough to be able to put them into your own words. I encourage you to explain the answers as you might explain it out loud to another person. Don’t worry about sounding less scientific, just be descriptive. There is no need to reference sources as you are putting this in your own terms.

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